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  1. PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer

    PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer

    PDUV30 VHF/UHF blocker, UHF and VHF jammer is recently developed UHF/VHF immobilizing system. The highly powerful blocking power guarantees you will jam UHF and VHF portable radio set, walkie-talkie, audio spying devices and different remote controls during 10 seconds.

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UHF/VHF Jammers

Very high frequency jamming device, UHF blocker, Ultrahigh frequency and Very high frequency Immobilizer is newly developed Ultrahigh frequency and Very high frequency immobilizing system. The highly robust blocking power guarantees you will block and jam any Ultrahigh frequency or Very high frequency walkie-talkie, two ways radio set, audio electronic bugs and different remote controls without any problems. Some UHF VHF jammers can function 24 hours a day and 7 days a week constantly thanks to the fast-moving cooler fans and good aluminium filter.


The Very high frequency and Ultrahigh frequency Immobilizer can be used to disable and jam Lo-Jack tracking system too because the LoJack tracking system is functioning on 173.075MHz and this frequency is contained in Very high frequency jamming range between 140MHz and 180MHz. UHF Jammers and VHF Jammers are all very useful when there is a need to protect yourself and your vehicle from anyone who tries to track you down and trace your movement or hear what you saying. And now you have an exclusive possibility to get all those irreplaceable devices in one package.


You can use Ultrahigh frequency and Very high frequency jamming device in your automobile. You'll also need to purchase a 12V into 240V automobile power converter. UHF and VHF jammers are quite unique signal blocking devices. They can be used as CB jammers, RFID jammers, bug jammers, CCTV jammers, audio and camera jammers. And all that along with their primary functions of blocking walkie-talkies, two band radio sets and remote controls.


This outstanding combination of technical perfection and practical usage makes UHF/VHF Jammers to be the excellent jamming devices to use them in any case when they can be useful.