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UGG15 Universal GSM GPS Jammer


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Quick Overview

Universal cell phone and GPS jammer allows you to disable any tracking devices that use GSM and/or GPS frequencies for operation no matter what country you are in.

UGG15 GPS GSM Jammer

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  • UGG15 GPS GSM Jammer
  • UGG15 Multifunctional Jammer
  • UGG15 Full-band Tracker Jammer
  • UGG15 Universal GSM GPS Jammer

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UGG15 is a powerful signal blocker full-band tracker jammer intended to jam all possible signals and tracking systems using only this jammer unit. Blocked frequencies include GSM, GPRS bands, 3G connections and GPS L1 tracking system (to jam L2 or L5 bands device must be re-tuned by our specialists). If you discover hidden GPS tracker under your car UGG15 will help you jam them.


When your Universal GPS GSM Multifunctional Jammer is active you become completely invisible and no one would be able to track you down. UGG15 can be powered by car adapter or AC adapter instead of the battery. This signal jammer uses very powerful isotropic antennas. Fully charged jammer is available for two hours of work. GPS and GSM Jammers could be turned on and off separately or together with the switch at the side panel.



  • You can jam mobile phones and GPS L1 in any country
  • Average jamming radius is 15 meters
  • The battery or power adapter can supply jammer
  • Two power adapters for you to select from
  • Compact design allows you to hide it easily
  • GPS and cell phone bands have separate switches
  • Working and charging colored indicators
  • Removable antennas for easy transportation




  • Worldwide Frequencies: GSM 850-1900, 3G, GPS L1 (L2 or L5 optional)
  • Working Power: 96dbm
  • Jamming Radius: GSM and 3G: 15 meters, GPS L1: 15-20 meters
  • Supplied Power: Power adapter or battery
  • Operating Current: 2800mA - 3400mA
  • Battery Data: Li-ion, 8.4V, 5200mAh, can work 1.5-2 hours, recharges 4 hours
  • Power Adapters: AC 110V - 250V 12V DC 2000mA, Car 12-24V 12V DC 2000mA
  • Antennas Data: 4 x SMA 3dB Isotropic
  • External Size: 110 / 190x63x34.5 mm
  • Total Weight: 280g / 1kg (jammer / package)
  • Temperature Regime: 0 Celsius - 50 Celsius
  • Working Humidity: 5% to 80%


UGG15 GSM GPS jammer for anti tracking is the universal electronic tool in a war against evildoers willing to track you down. This smart device can jam all outgoing signals in any country of the world to make you completely invisible to specified tracking systems.


Installation and Operation

Screw three antennas into their respective slots marked by white stripes of the appropriate length. Turn the power of the UGG15 on. Now you can turn on both mobile and GPS switches or use them one by one, or separately. The device can work for up to two hours using its battery. Full recharge needs from 5 to 6 hours. After recharging the battery UGG15 can work again and jam all or only selected frequencies due to the special side panel switch.

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