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The Second Half Of The List

The first part of this article guided you through the GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900 and GPS systems. And now the second part will tell you about the rest of the most commonly used frequency bands in the world which can be jammed.



This frequency band has 1710-1755MHz (uplink) and 2110-2155MHz (downlink) frequency coverage. It is used internationally and has many appliances, such as mobile TV, video conferences, location-based features, video on demand and tele-medicine.


There are many jammers to block 3G, such as PRC40-G Adjustable 3G/CDMA/GSM Jammer with Remote Control.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

They are both in the frequency range of 2.4GHz, though Bluetooth has strict bounds of 2400-2483.5MHz. They are used internationally and in so many different devices that it would take really a lot of time to describe them all.


But you probably already know what they are used for. And they can be jammed by Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Jammers.


Wireless bluetooth headset device



This frequency band uses the same frequencies as 3G plus 2496–2690MHz. It is also used internationally and in many various devices from laptops to smartphones and other. 4G is frequently described as MAGIC:


  • Mobile multimedia
  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Global mobility supported
  • Integrated wireless solutions
  • Customized personal services


It is the fourth generation of the communications and communication technologies still it can be jammed by LoJack XM 4G Jammer.



These frequency bands use 30-300MHz (VHF) and 300-3000MHz (UHF) frequencies. So in the combination you will receive the widest radio frequency spectrum to jam. Since the jamming device is not very big and heavy, it jams only selected range of frequencies. In VHF spectrum they are 140-180MHz and in UHF they are 450-480MHz.


Those frequencies are used in USA business bands, walkie-talkies, amateur radio 2 meters signal, MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service), amateur radio 70cm signal, General Mobile Radio Service, 2-way radios and family radio service.


To jam those frequency bands UHF/VHF Jammers were developed.


Security walkie-talkies for guards


Remote Controls

These frequency bands use three main frequencies: 315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz.


In the USA 315MHz is used in place of the European 433MHz ISM band, though USA’s 315MHz is not the ISM band at all. The American 433MHz frequency is used for short range consumer devices such as automotive and alarm systems, temperature sensors and other home automation. In Europe, the 868MHz band is used for this.


To block any of those frequencies Remote Control Jammers are at your disposal.



That is probably all. How do you like the information? I hope it was useful and exciting to learn. But wait, there’s more to come!