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  1. CRC100 Remote Control Jammer (433MHz)

    CRC100 Remote Control Jammer (433MHz)

    Compact remote control jammer for blocking all car remote controls and remote controls of garage door, etc.

  2. Remote Control Jammer Battery

    CRC100 Remote Control Jammer (315MHz)

    Portable remote control jammer is able to block any car remote control, remote controls of garage doors, TVs, etc.

  3. CRC100 Remote Control Jammer (868MHz)

    CRC100 Remote Control Jammer (868MHz)

    Remote control jammer of the CRC100 model for 868MHz frequency is designed to jam remotes from cars, garage doors, TVs, radio controlled toys, etc.

  4. Unique Remote Control Jammer

    URCJ-3 Unique Remote Control Jammer

    URCJ-3 is a really unique remote control jammer because it can be always used to block all types of remote controls simultaneously and with great efficiency.

More Information

Remote Control Jammers

The handheld remote control jamming device functions primary on 433MHz, but also has some modifications for other frequencies. It’s intended to jam handheld wireless remote controls, such as automobile remote control, garage door remote control, other remotes of the specified frequency such as TV, toy cars, boats, planes and so on. The specified functioning area covers 25 meter radius. It is also may be used to disable or stop automatic automobile remote control, wireless car keys etc.


You need to take into account that every remote control blocker jams only one specified frequency. It is applicable for disabling automobile remote controls along with the ability to stop garage door from opening or closing by the remote control, along with the other remotes as well. Remote control jammer functions on anti-theft systems' frequencies. It has four main functions: 1st is scanning, 2nd is blocking, 3rd is jamming and 4th is manufacturer's code.


Scanning: it scans the anti-theft frequency and when it has matched, it will open the car's door and wouldn't destroy the lock, which is extremely helpful if you have lost your transponder accidentally.


Blocking: it will block the signal of the remote control if there’s a key that sends the signal of remote control and then opens the automobile.


Jamming: it will disable the automobile key and lock the automobile. It’s accustomed to use it for testing the signal of the remote control.


Manufacturer's code: in case you have the manufacturer's code at your disposal, simply input that code and it will open the automobile directly.