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Your Privacy Is Important

Privacy Policy

At Cellphone-Jammers, your privacy and personal information safety is a prime concern. Beneath are the complete guidelines we are using for maintaining safety of the data you furnish us when browsing our website.


There are no such circumstances which can make us to sell, rent, exchange or give your info to some other people or organizations. The only exception may be if it is legally necessary to do that.


On our internet site, we ask for your info when you making an order or submitting some product review. We can request your name, e-mail, telephone number, and other private data that is required to fill in your order or complete your purchase. If you using mailing lists, you'll be able to successfully "unsubscribe" to those mails by posting an email to sales@cellphone-jammers.com.


Workers of Cellphone-Jammers who have allowance to your private data must grant their info to get it. Thus any prospect will be identified and no third persons will have your info at their disposal.


We won't trade your private data! Your personal info, such as name, telephone number or email, or your direct order and the goods you bought won't be given or traded to uninvolved organizations for its usage in selling or solicitation.


Third party and other websites linked at the www.cellphone-jammers.com have their own privacy policy and information collection methods, which are independent from ours. Cellphone-Jammers take no responsibility for those separate policies or activities. Please be cautious and attentive no matter when you are online.