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PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer


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Quick Overview

PDUV30 VHF/UHF blocker, UHF and VHF jammer is recently developed UHF/VHF immobilizing system. The highly powerful blocking power guarantees you will jam UHF and VHF portable radio set, walkie-talkie, audio spying devices and different remote controls during 10 seconds.

PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer

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PDUV30 is a recently developed UHF VHF Jammer and immobilizing system. The jamming power of this device will let you completely block UHF and VHF walkie-talkies, two band radios, audio bugs and some remote controls during 10 seconds. The reliable cooler fans and aluminium case make UHF VHF jammer to be able to work for 24 hours every day.

UHF VHF Jammer Audio Video Signal Blocker in operating condition

The PDUV30 VHF UHF immobilizer can jam Lo-Jack trackers too. LoJack tracker works at 173.075MHz and this frequency is present among UHF 140~180MHz frequencies. This UHF VHF jammer can be used in your car as portable jamming device. For this to happen you need to have a 12V to 240V power adapter for cars.

The view from the top at PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer



  • Jams both VHF and UHF frequency ranges
  • Disables all VHF and UHF electronic devices
  • The power of each band is 10 watt
  • The jamming range up to 35 meters can be achieved
  • 24/7 working time because of cooling fans and heat loss case
  • Can be used in your car with special power adapter
  • Produced using all standards and not harmful to human


PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer has a power adapter for 24 hours use



  • Frequencies: UHF 140~180MHz, VHF 450~480MHz
  • Output Power: four bands 10W each, total power 40W
  • Covered Area: from 20 to 35 meters radius
  • Operating Current: 5A
  • Power Supply: AC adapter 110-250V, DC 24V
  • Working Antennas: 4 x omnidirectional 3db SMA antenna
  • Size: 213x170x51 mm
  • Weight: Jammer – 1.9kg, full package - 3kg
  • Temperatures: 0 to 50 Celsius
  • Working Humidity: 5-80%


PDUV30 is completely universal jamming device. It can be used by you for blocking a lot of different frequencies. With the help of this desktop jammer you are able to jam UHF, VHF, radios, electronic bugs, and many more. PDUV30 can be used as audio and camera jammer, RFID Jammer, CB Jammer, CCTV Jammer and walkie-talkie jammer.

The side view of DC-AC power adapter for PDUV30 UHF VHF Desktop Jammer

Installation and Operation


  • Take the PDUV30 RFID Jammer out of its package box
  • Plug in all antennas according to their numbers and socket numbers
  • Plug in AC and DC power jacks
  • Turn on the power (red switch, position I)
  • When you see that green indicator is on - your CCTV Jammer is active
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