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How you will pay for your purchase depends somewhat on what exact payment method your can select. Read the full description of the item before you attempt to discover what payment system you can use.


We accept all kinds of payments through payment systems like Paymate, ProPay, Web Money, Moneybookers, VISA, MasterCard, all major electronic plastic cards and payment systems. When you are selecting a payment system to use, consider all options to make the best and most suitable choice for you (considering security, traceability, etc.). In case of any kind of problems happen you will be sure about it.




Recently we have launched the support of Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is the completely new system for making payments. Using Bitcoins as electronic currency is very handy method to make some purchases. Bitcoin payment system has a lot of advantages. Your money will be transfered completely anonymously and they cannot be traced. You can read more about Bitcoin in this post of our blog.