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Size Matters

As you may already know, there are many different kinds of mobile signal jammers to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. If you know a lot of information about cell phone jammers, it is not so hard for you to browse through those mobile signal jamming devices and select the model which will exactly fit to your specific needs. But if you are new to those devices, it may be quite uneasy for you to not get lost in this vast variety of cell signal jammers.


Knowing this, you might wish to gain more valuable data on the subject of cell phone jammers to have the ability to differ them one from another. And for this purpose opening of this article was the best thing you could do. So let us get started!


Jammer Portability Types

When it comes to jammer portability, there are two main types you need to know: portable jammers (which are also known as compact or handheld jammers) and desktop jammers.


Compact jammers are those cell phone blockers which designed in a relatively small size to fit in bags, purses, cases, and the smallest ones can be of your cell phone size or similar one to fit even in a pocket. This kind of mobile phone jammers is not as powerful as desktop ones but its advantage is in little size and easy-to-hide feature.


As a rule they have built-in rechargeable battery as their power source because they are intended to be used without access to the primary power supply. Still many of them do have power adapters for longer work or at least for battery recharging.

Portable jammer

Desktop jammers have much bigger size and weight. As a rule they are bulk and powerful jamming devices intended for longer work with wider blocking radius. Generally they have no battery inside and use AC power adapters as their power source. They are intended for stationary usage in public places where their presence is needed regularly.


Both kinds of mobile signal jammers may also have car power adapters for usage in the automobiles. This feature is very handy in many situations and, in any way, you know that it is safer to drive without being distracted by your cell phone.

Desktop mobile phone jammer

The Choice Is Yours

So now you know the main difference between jammer types and this information will surely be useful for you when it comes to actual signal jammer selection. Consider possible situations, conditions and all kinds of additional factors when choosing cell phone jammer for yourself and you will get the one you need.


And if you wish to read some more about those quite useful jamming devices, browse other articles from this section, for example, Factors That Influence Blocking Range. In the end, the more you know the better and easier for you to choose!