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  1. M20G Military cell phone jammer

    M20G Military cell phone jammer

    M20G is a brand new development of our research department. It is a very powerful jammer used by military forces in extreme conditions and with full efficiency.

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Military Jammers

We live in the age of information technologies which affects every sphere of our life, including warfare. Nowadays in this time of constant wars in different parts of the world the military forces are in need of effective functional device to prevent enemy from getting their crucial data as well as to remotely disable hostile’s equipment. For this reason Cell Phone Jammers Company created the high power portable mobile phone jammer.


Jammers for military forces are the product of the best quality which responds perfectly to the high demands of the armed forces. This product was elaborated particularly for the military needs. It has proved its reliability and complete effectiveness. The jamming devices for military forces are more than useful devices during the combat, they can help saving thousands of lives of soldiers and civilians.  


Another field of application of the military jammers is constantly growing menace from the terrorism. Terroristic organizations widely use such weapons like RC-IEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Those bombs are activated from the distance by a special signal, which is broadcasted to the device secured on the bomb.  The IED jammers were made on the base of technological developments of high level and are completely adjustable. These bomb jammers can be modified depending on the situation.


Elaborated for the military these incredibly effective military jamming devices can also be used in the everyday life. They might help you protect your business and save your money, as well as guard your privacy and save your nerves. With this modern jamming device you don’t have to worry about being tracked or spied.  This device is indispensable in the critical military situation, as well as in the serious business where the leak of information can cause the loss of millions. Military blocking devices include GSM /GPS jamming devices and WIFI/Bluetooth blockers of much higher power and reliability.


The military blocker is a perfect and unique solution for the institutions like police and assembly hall, security department, churches, banks, museums, places of imprisonment, military forces, schools, Intelligence service, libraries, houses and vehicles.