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2 Item(s)

  1. GG4 Signal Blocker

    GG4 Universal 2G, 3G,4G All Cell Phones Blocker

    GG4 is an ultimate jammer that works against all popular cell phones frequencies. The device will make sure that there is no reception around you!

  2. Portable 4g jammer

    4G15 Compact LoJack 4G Jammer

    If you want to protect yourself from being tracking then you surely have to buy that perfect jammer. It can block 4G, XM signals and LoJack devices with the help of a single button!

More Information

4G Jammers

4G is a totally new and awesome standard for communication devices such as cell phones. Thus this 4G cell phones and communication devices operate at completely new frequencies. And those recently made cell phones which work on those new frequencies may be needed to block or jam by you or for you. So now a great new electronic device which is now known as 4G Jammer or 4G cell phone blocker is going to help you to achieve this new but still necessary goal.


Because this 4G is a new thing in the world of communication devices and mobile phones, RF cell phone blockers are also completely fresh and new electronic devices. But as you may already guessed the technical progress is not going to stop so with the appearance of new communicative standard it is not a surprise that the new type of Jamming Devices appeared too. Maybe some people really need such new things which work using new standards. But other people may be in need of the opposing kind of electronic devices, thus 4G cell phone jammers already exist to fulfill their needs and wishes.


Our world is changing so fast, progressing more and more rapidly day by day. And to keep a pace with this progress new cell phones and other communication devices are designed and manufactured. But also the opposing industry which provides its clients with cell phone jamming devices and other blockers is staying awake and keeps up with modern demands and produces 4G, LoJack and Low Power FM Jammers for the purposes and peace of mind of its respective customers.