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Jammers and their usage

What is a cell phone jammer?

Cell phone jammer, also known as a phone signal jammer, mobile phone jammer, cell jammer, etc, is a device created to block signals that the mobile phones emit. Mobile phones will not be able to receive or send signals to the base station if a mobile jammer is turned on. Cell jammer was developed by military forces. This device permitted to puzzle the enemy and stop the eavesdropping, especially during important secret military campaigns.

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Where and how is it used?

Mobile phone jammers can be used almost everywhere. But usually they are used in places where silence and confidentiality are needed. For example, mobile jammer can be noticed in police departments and military organizations because in such places the confidential information is of great value. Phone jammers are also used in prisons in order to prevent prisoners from using the mobile phones that they have smuggled into the prison. Thus, plenty of potential breakouts and crimes are prevented.  In hospitals cell phone jammers are very helpful if there is sensitive equipment that can be damaged by the signals of the cell phones.


What are the types of jammers?

There are several types of jammers: cell phone jammer, GPS jammer, Wi-Fi jammer, 4G jammer, Bluetooth jammer, etc. Every model has its individual operating range, features, characteristics and prices. The types of jammers are very different, that is why you need to consult the qualified specialists in order to choose the jammer that will satisfy your requirements and purposes.