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Jammers Buying Guide

Buy A Cell Phone JammerWhat to begin with

Jamming devices are very different and it is very important to select the jammer that will be perfect for you. It is very difficult to choose the right jammer. The first question you will face is how to buy a cell phone jammer. So before buying the device you need to define why do you need the jammer, what is a size of the territory that you need to cover, what size of jammer do you need and what frequencies you need to block.


Size and range

First of all you need to know that different cell phone jammers have different operating ranges from 10 meters to several kilometers. That’s why you should define the size of the territory that you need to cover. For example, if you need a phone signal jammer for personal use, portable cell phone jammer will be perfect for you. If you need to block cell phone signals or other waves on big territories such as big buildings or military areas, you should purchase a more powerful device.


Frequencies and jammer type

There is a big choice of jammers on the market. You can choose among mobile phone jammers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth jammers, Spy camera jammers, GPS jammers or new 4G jammers. There are also special jammers for automobiles, for offices or mini models for personal use. Before purchasing the device you should pay attention on its characteristics and functions that depend on your purposes and demands.


Use your jammer and our help

All the jammers are very easy-to-use. You just need to fasten the antenna and activate the jammer with the help of the only button on the device. Be sure that qualified specialists of our company will provide you with the full information about our products, recommend you the jammers which suite the best way for you, help you to make your choice and answer all your questions along jammer selection.