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  1. KPD40-J Adjustable GSM/3G/GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Five Band Jammer main view

    KPD40-J Adjustable GSM/3G/GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Five Band Jammer

    KPD40-J is the five band desktop jammer which is able to block the signals of almost all frequency bands. It has control knobs for power output of each band which you have to select from the list before the purchase.

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High Power Jammers

High Power Jammers are professional blocking devices primarily used by military and governmental organizations. They are all pre-packaged and ready for use. High power cell phone jammers broadcast radio signals of high power, which will cut-off connections between cell handsets and cell base-stations in the surrounding area. Their efficient range generally covers about 800 meters! The blocking / jamming effect may be effectively controlled and regulated to create a "zone of silence" in confined area of open space.


The High Power Blockers do not interact with other types of communications except cell ones inside of the "zone of silence" and do not interact with cell communications that are outside the covered area along with directional reflector that is included. Wholly portable, those professional jamming devices consist of 3 modules (triple cell band), and the choices are totally custom made and available to the user of High Power Blocker according to specifications and the region of operation.


It may be configured to cover any type of cell systems such as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Personal Communication System (PCS) and many more (up to three bands per one unit). Each band has its own internal antenna and separate power output. Also we comprise all the auxiliary devices you might be in need of to complete your operations, such as outer antenna and also a remote control.