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  1. cell phone zapper Caiman

    Caiman - The Most Powerful Portable Cell Phone, GPS, WiFi Jammer

    The one of the most powerful jammers of the world. Caiman can block GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, GPS freaquncis up to a radius of 25 meters.

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GPS/GSM Jammers

If the home made variation of the GPS or GSM jammer would not match your expectations you can have some interest in such GPS/GSM jammer. GPS GSM jammer can be plugged into your automobile's cigarettes lighter and gives you the feeling of peace and calm.

Such jamming device is intended not only to jam cell phone signals but also to prevent the GPS logger's activity that can be used on your automobile to gather information and send it to their base station.

GSM jammers can only prevent those GSM/GPS tracking devices from sending communication signals to the base station. But the GSM/GPS devices are still capable of receiving and buffering all GPS positions. Thus tracking devices are still able to transmit your GPS positions if the GSM jammer is turned on. So they may still know about all your movements during the day.

On the other side only GPS jammers can prevent the GSM GPS tracking devices to obtain GPS positions directly from the satellites. Although they still may track your position through the GSM network which is used by the GSM/GPS tracking devices or simply track you through your mobile telephone.

Hopefully, GSM GPS jammers can block both frequencies at the same time so you don't need to use two different jammers to hide your location, all this can be done with a single GSM GPS signal jammer.

GPS following devices may be installed in your car without your permission and they are perfect stalking devices. You may not even know they are there. No matter who installed it he knows precisely where you are going. It’s like to be electronically marked. And they are really difficult to detect. Cell Phone GPS jammers are exactly what you need in case you are suspecting that you have been bugged, or simply if you want to make sure that you have not.