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  1. Eagle Portable Zapper

    Eagle - Flexible, Powerful And Portable 10 Frequencies Signal Blocker

    Eagle is the device that will surely protect you from any kind of wireless threat there can be. With Eagle you will never need any additional devices.

  2. cell phone zapper Caiman

    Caiman - The Most Powerful Portable Cell Phone, GPS, WiFi Jammer

    The one of the most powerful jammers of the world. Caiman can block GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, GPS freaquncis up to a radius of 25 meters.

  3. KPD40-J Adjustable GSM/3G/GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Five Band Jammer main view

    KPD40-J Adjustable GSM/3G/GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Five Band Jammer

    KPD40-J is the five band desktop jammer which is able to block the signals of almost all frequency bands. It has control knobs for power output of each band which you have to select from the list before the purchase.

  4. Powerful GPS jammer, GPS blocker

    UGJ10 Ultimate GPS Jammer

    Ultimate protection against any GPS trackers thanks to UGJ10 that is capable to block absolutely all civil GPS standards and thus make you totally unseen for spies.

More Information

GPS Jammers

GPS systems use triangulation to operate. Triangulation is a technique in which three different points are used to estimate location. For example, in an automobile's navigation system, the automobile's place is calculated by three concrete satellites orbiting our planet. Using triangulation, GPS may transmit the location of interest to the receiver accurate to centimeters. It's significant to know that GPS radio waves using a concrete frequency. There are in fact two main frequencies that GPS systems work on: the first is a public frequency for non-military purposes (it is 1575.42 MHz) and the other frequency is a military frequency that is used strictly for military purposes (it is 1227.6 MHz).


Because GPS frequencies are simple radio signals, these signals may be jammed with help of technical devices and some expertise that are required for that aim. While GPS jammers already have been produced (particularly by the governmental and military organizations, or secret agent and private gadget firms), most civilians just do not have necessary technical abilities to produce their own GPS jamming device at home. It's much more complex than just blocking of some radio waves with fundamental radio intervention. GPS Jammers are constructed mostly for military purposes, for example to disinform the enemies about where their correct troop disposition is or maybe where the enemy GPS-pointed missiles and bombs will drop. But there are some civilian ways of using GPS signal jammers such as the capability to cloak yourself or your vehicle, if it has been tracked by any GPS receiver.