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Discover The Inner World Of Jammer

When you look at the cell phone jammer, you’ll see the simple case with power switch and LED indicators. There might be few switches for various frequencies selection along with cooling slots and slot for power adapter connecting. And this is probably all. But inside there are a lot of interesting things.



All mobile phone jammers include antennas. Small jammers have built-in antennas to maintain its compact design and still provide nice jamming range. Bigger signal blockers have outer antennas to cover bigger area with their signal. Those antennas are isotropic as a rule. The rest of the jammer components are electronic ones.



Voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) generates radio signal which interferes with the mobile phone signal. The tuning circuit is tuned to work at particular frequency and it sends the specific voltage to the VCO. The noise generator of the mobile phone jammer produces the electronic signal outputted in the specified frequency band to jam the original cell phone signals. The RF amplifier is boosting the output power of the cell phone jammer to increase the jamming range and to allow jammer to block the signals of more modern and complex communication devices.


The smallest mobile phone jammers use built-in batteries as their power source. The bigger jamming devices can have the wall adapters and car power adapters as their power supply. Sometimes there is only car charger for the cell phone jammer but not the power adapter. Generally desktop mobile phone jammers have no battery at all and use only power adapters for their work because they are too powerful and the battery can’t maintain their work for long time.



All these components are carefully combined at the electronic circuit, the frequencies are tuned and the jammer is able to work. And don’t forget that you can build simple cell phone jammer by yourself, but more complex and powerful models will require more knowledge, experience and tools to create.