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  1. Eagle Portable Zapper

    Eagle - Flexible, Powerful And Portable 10 Frequencies Signal Blocker

    Eagle is the device that will surely protect you from any kind of wireless threat there can be. With Eagle you will never need any additional devices.

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WIFI jammers

Wi-Fi jamming device, Bluetooth jamming device, and wireless audio and video secret agent cam jamming device all gathered in a single unit. It is suited for using in any part of the world.

This wireless Wi-Fi jamming device and Bluetooth jamming device broadcasts on three main frequencies to successfully jam all nearest Wi-Fi network activities, Bluetooth devices and also wireless secret agent cameras and audio signals.

Accompany your office presentation, business meeting, religious service, legal procedures or other significant events with safety and calm of mind. If your wireless signal jammer is turned on then you have a whole 20 meters in radius of safety. But when you will turn off your wireless jamming device, all those wireless network activities would be automatically re-established.

With the help of wireless camera signal jammers you may avoid being filmed by hidden cameras or being recorded by wireless audio devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth jammers include wall and automobile chargers.

With Wi-Fi jammers and Bluetooth jammers you may be confident in your privacy being fully protected. And this fact concerns not only your privacy but also your friends, work colleagues, business associates, date mates and family members. With the help of Wi-Fi jammers and Bluetooth jammers all of them would be secured against any kind of wireless spy cameras and wireless audio recording devices that may interrupt their normal life.