The first worries

 There are really serious problems regarding the privacy of life and communications in Ankara. Video recordings are used as tapes of individual telephone conversations, got through wiretapping and eavesdropping. Cyber attacks pointed at legislators are lasting endlessly. There is the same quantity of those tapes that have been got illegally as those that have been got legally and leaked from the building.

The Parliament in Ankara, Turkey

Video and audio records have both become proof in various court cases and also have been utilized for blackmailing. Several among the Nationalist Movement candidates have had to step aside or draw back in light of sex recordings featuring them as large as life.

Powerful stationary desktop cell phone jammer mobile blocker

Allow me to present: Jammers!


Since these are a lot of cyber attacks, everybody is seeking to earn protection by any means. While jammers and similar equipment to cease the transmitting of telephone conversations and video chats are being utilized by political camps, deputies of the parliament are selecting comparable equipment widely for sale.


Yet there are some concerns about bugs which can be even in the top offices of the capital city.


But are politicians really wiretapped and bugged? Still there are no proofs! There are measures to be taken, but some serious doubts still spreading.

The building of Turkish parliament, which can be old in three years

Dear future, help us all


The basis of the Public Relations building in the Parliament was set about the week ago. An 11-storeyed "smart building" can and will be constructed in 3 years. The communications and data network that covers digital telephones and devices for 550 politicians, advisers and secretaries will in addition be installed in the quarters. And with the aid of this high-tech innovation, suspicions about electronic bugs will vanish, and this special information center won't be reachable from the outer side.


In accordance with civil attendants, wiretapping landlines also will be unachievable because of this recent system. For cell phones and conversations in the rooms, a recent technology comparable to jamming devices or so called screening method is what being thought about. With this, it won't be simple to eavesdrop deputies in their new location.


But until this building is accomplished, the old-tech protection will be utilized. For this reason, it’s helpful for recent deputies in the Parliament to be extremely cautious while talking but not to feel any uncertainties.