Our world is full of tracking. Video and audio surveillance, GPS tracking, cell phones, smartphones and other similar devices… To know about all of them is probably impossible. But in the modern digital era new types of tracking are also appearing.

Modern world is dangerous when talking about tracking and tracing

And one of them is electronic tracking, which can locate money transactions, particularly when people are buying something through internet.

Bitcoin symbol

Recently internet exploded with the information about new payment system called Bitcoin. It is an electronic currency, which can be compared to the gold in some way. It is a complex system arranged in such way that it will not suffer from inflation, and in addition those coins are produced in a smooth flowing manner and evenly according to the computer’s power.


You will ask me: what’s in it for me?


Confidentiality is the key

The best feature of this system is that all transactions made using Bitcoin cannot be traced electronically. This means you can select a product you are interested in and make your purchase confidentially. Your location, your personality, the place you live and stay – all will be concealed and not revealed due to electronic tracing.



S.W.A.T. team ready to go in

And now we are using Bitcoin payment system to accept payments for our products. With such comfortable payment method you can be sure that S.W.A.T. team will not batter down your door at 3 a.m. in the morning. You will not have to worry about FBI tracking your car with their devices. You can get rid of restless blabbers at movies, restaurants and other places you love to visit and spend pleasant time.


The whole world of opportunities is now opened before you! And you can use it wisely.