sms security measures


In the current age of hyper connectivity, constant problems of data breaches, hacking scandals and also privacy hampering crop up. All of us are extremely concerned about our privacy. In fact, nowadays, data protection has turned out to be a paradox. Even though we know the importance of data protection, yet, we are pretty much accustomed to our mobiles and tablets for every facet of our day to day life. Many of the new age customers are not willing to give up this reliance for protecting their personal information. Due to this reason, mobile platforms and the various apps that we use are supposed to be secure and are expected to have a robust data protection.


As the customers use their mobile to conduct their daily tasks, they expect proper mobile support for every service they avail. Mobile is one of the most essential parts of the way they run their lives and so the consumers expect the channels and the apps they use, to be absolutely secure. This has created a huge strain between the various customers and the businesses. Juggling and managing data protection in this highly digital and technical age, with a huge urgency to develop the customer-centric services is indeed a very tall order. Even after the unique use of the SMS with regard to mobile security, it is still not fit enough to handle confidential data without causing concern. However, thanks to our latest technology; this is no longer the case.


With significant updates in the security features of messaging, it is now tad more certified and secure. The SMS security terms have now culminated to a separate industry accreditation which is known as the PCI DSS certification. This is an independent method of confirmation, now in compliance with the stringent data security standards outlined by the various payment card industries. This PCI DSS certification is now mandatory for any company that deals with the sensitive data of the customer.


The approval process of this platform includes a thorough examination of the technical platform, the various departments and protocols of data of any web based platform that deals with the sensitive information as credit or debit card data. This not only provides the various businesses and the consumer’s proper assurance that the information they providing are being dealt securely but it also enhances the businesses capabilities to offer new services and programs solely via text message. Thus, this is indeed very good news for both the consumers and also the enterprises. 


PCI DSS validation also provides the banks and the other companies to offer various time-saving and mobile-data centric services. These include the payment card pin delivery solutions that again can meet the requirements of several demographics. In fact, these novel services can now be implemented in the various businesses without investment in the complex and tedious new technologies. These solutions are also generation wide as everyone now has a mobile phone. In fact, these services even outpace the app-based engagements as they have a greater reach.