samsung 60 GHz WiFi


Samsung, as a brand is a well-known and a very eminent name in the world of electronics. From the ‘Galaxy Series’ to the ‘Note’; Samsung now has poised itself to be a tough competitor to its rival – Apple. With that being said, Samsung still has its own flaws to work on. The South Korean brand Samsung has been blamed for ‘Slow Wi-Fi Connectivity’ – but wait, all hope isn’t lost. Grape wine has it, Samsung now brings to the world the new 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology – overcoming the blame and hurdles, one at a time. Also we have writenn about a new WiFi 5GHz in our blog you could read this article here.


What Samsung promises

  • The invention is fairly new, and Samsung promises the world with the following;


  • Great improvement with regard to data transmission and speed - 866Mbps to 4.6 GB per second. 


  • Data transmission speeds above the normal - 4-5 times higher than what was the norm before.


  • Transfer 1 GB movies from one device to another in less than 3 seconds - absolutely incredible!


In the past, Samsung couldn’t come forth with such an innovative gift to the world, since ‘signal penetration’ was a problem and the 60 GHz WI-Fi technology could not take off. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, state-of-the-art antennae and other methods, Samsung has finally made this venture a commercially viable one. With this being coined, Samsung products would now see a rise in the graph sales, much more than what it was used to in the past. The best part is, one doesn’t need to compress files anymore, irrespective of the file size. Transfers can happen and without marring the huge files or their quality – phone to television too.

Samsung Inc


High competition

The market for smartphones as we all know is a very competitive one – there are players big, small and SME’s too, providing smartphones and their software week after week. Customers are now spoilt and pampered for choice, which is why Samsung suffered losses – 70 percent as in the last quarter as compared to what the story was last year same time.


Sources confirm, the timing for this new release is perfect, crucial and very interesting for Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant. Co-channel interferences are gone for good, and this helps the company better with connectivity and speed – less struggle to scramble for the number one position in the spectrum market, enabling the end-user with high speeds at all times.


Samsung in the past ruled the high-end and the lower rungs of the market, with both hands. But, with the incoming of other brands in the market, namely, Xiaomi, Intex or many other brands in the low end category; Samsung now has tough competition to face. In the high end market the competition was very tough; couple that with a controversy (sic: Apple), and with the new Windows Platform - capturing the medium range Smartphone market meant coming up with something effective and not a gimmick.


The commercialization of ‘60 GHz WI-Fi technology’ is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2015. However the company is yet to announce the new devices that would have this feature; and how connectivity across various devices would happen – much has to be unveiled.