Lately I've purchased fresh motorbike for myself to simply ride it and enjoy the independence it always gives me. Yet later I've had truly great amaze when discovered that it has LoJack tracker installed inside of it. I don't have a desire to be constantly tracked anywhere I go so I've began to go deeper into this issue because I don't like the idea of disassembling my recently bought lovely motorbike. The purpose of that is not only in fact that disassembling new motorbike is not a good idea but in addition that life with no trackers or eavesdropping equipment always after you is a pleasant life to live.


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In the first instance, I've found that the creator of my motorbike made absolutely clever decision when installed not commonly used GPS tracker but LoJack tracker instead into all recently created motorbikes. LoJack tracking systems use low-frequency VHF spectrum to work thus popular GPS blocking gadgets simply can't cease their motorbike location tracking signals from discovering your whereabouts and transferring those information to the data center.


What is more, LoJack tracker's signal has sufficient power force to be transmitted even in case your motorbike is fully covered with the aluminium foil, thus it was not simple for me to shake off LoJack tracking system from the first try. Whereas I could still simply disassemble my motorbike to find where LoJack tracker is and physically take it out, I didn't wish to do any damage to this chromized looker. So I've proceeded with my investigation and the answer came to me suddenly.


Despite the well-known fact that different models of LoJack tracking gadgets are not as broadly utilized as GPS tracking gadgets, there's an instrument that has its jamming signal to a T adjusted to cease their functions and it has sufficient power for this action. So now I may just utilize the advice kindly given to me at the Wiki of Jammer Store as the reply to my own question, and block LoJack tracking gadget in my recently bought motorbike and delight the extreme speed and complete independence it gives me all the time!