NSA spy


The German Chaos Computer club had informed in an interview, that they have now added the fact about U.S spying on the German citizens, to their legal complaint. They have ample evidence, as the NSA had been allegedly found snooping in atleast one of the Tor servers of the computer club. 


In February, the CCC had filed a complaint with the Federal Prosecutor of Germany, Harald Range. The complaint demanded an investigation about the alleged involvement of the German Government in the NSA’s mass surveillance of various German Citizens. We want to remind you that USA has a biggest worldwide spy center.


However, later in an interview, Range had stated that the investigation dealing with the alleged tapping of Merkel’s phone in June, by the NSA doesn’t hold ample evidence to start of investigation right away. Thus, the investigation was postponed until proper evidence was collected. 



Currently, the CCC has high hopes regarding the new publications which expose the data collections. According to them, this publication and many other publications like these are now being explicitly used to connect to the Tor network. This network is responsible for encrypting the various data traffic through a series of random servers. This plethora of servers is being used simply in order to obscure the identities of the users. In fact, this method might also change the Range’s mind to great extent. Also NSA has overwhelmed everyone: the biggest USA spy center.


According to a latest investigation via German broadcasters, it has been revealed that since early July, NSA had been spying a toolb called XKeyScore simply in order to snoop up on the Tor users. Among the many culprits, Sebestian Hahn, a computer science student has been identified as one of the targets of NSA. The broadcasters have aptly analyzed the circumstances and have thus come to this conclusion.


Hahn is not the only one who has been identified from the lot. Certain parts and search pattern codes used in the XKeyscore have also proved that the data traffic from a popular CCC operated server system of the Tor network has been collected and kept explicitly. 

NSA worldwide spy centre


However, other documents and evidence show that right now even NSA has not been able to de-anonymize the culprit. The latest CCC server undoubtedly demonstrated the aggressive surveillance systems with which the NSA department targets the German citizens. A legal complaint was thus filed in February in order to use this as modern evidence.    


The organization, however, calls the event “beyond comprehension”, stated wire trapping Merkel’s phone instead of working on the mass surveillance which could help both the big and small parts of the population. 


Due to this reason, the organization is are going to the Federal Prosecutor in order to ask him to start blocking investigations and work up with his job without letting them be ridiculed by others. Our company hopes that this conflict will be solved in short time.


Thus, as it comes to be, no one, (including the Prosecutor) is helping out with the demonstrations. The Federal prosecutors General have not mentioned much, and have thus become one of the biggest public ridicules. Right now, the Range is bowing to both the International and German companies for judicial grounds.