Windows 10 security


Microsoft has been on top of their game with the release of Windows XP ages ago, but do they stand in both features and security of their latest offering, Windows 10. Let's find out what they have to offer in terms of security as their previous offering did not create an ecosystem that can keep their users safe. The essence of learning the user experience comes from the release of Holograms that is with no doubt is the greatest leap by Microsoft in their windows release.


The Windows 10 release is also claimed to be built keeping personal computing in mind and moreover creates an ecosystem where things like gaming,  IoT, mobile devices are meant to be worked together seamlessly.


The first step that Microsoft is taking to keep the security of the new  platform safe is to introduce more stricter digital signature rules. According to the rules, the applications will be denied if it does not offer valid digital signature or no signature at all. But, this approach might not be that secure as there is historical evidence of the digital signature theft that overrides the protection of the digital signatures. One of the popular attacks was Winnti's attack that completely bypass the security of the digital signature by stealing signatures from popular apps using APT attacks.


Another major step taken by Microsoft is to introduce an ecosystem where the components of the operating system are tightly knitted by data sharing services. This provides the right opportunity for applications to preserve their internal username and password saving, without the chance of being exploited by another program on the operating system. Famous hacks such as pass-the-hash will be in control. Other popular hacks such as flame will also stay in control, all because of the popular Hyper -V, the newest container model for Windows.


Keeping other facts aside, the introduction of Spartan Web browser has surely made many of the Microsoft users happy, as the last Internet Explorer bugginess is evident from the last 200 patches last year. So, what changes the game? The whole new codebase can pretty much eradicate all the earlier bugs related to Internet Explorer, as we keep our hopes high from Microsoft this time, regards to the web browser quality.


The Cortona assistant is one of the crazy ideas brought by Microsoft, but it might sound appropriate than crazy for many of us. The personal assistant is quite similar to iOS personal assistant and can help you automate a lot of work to the personal assistant. Also, the idea of keeping a personal assistant can bring cheer to lonely people as they might feel the presence of intelligence machines surrounding them, and taking part in a somewhat awkward conversation.


The churning of all the components into one is surely not going to be simple and I am sure that there will be a challenging period for both the Microsoft and their consumers. The idea of security is a flawed idea and needs to be revised the daily purpose. Until then, we hope Microsoft brings a completely secure system for their users.