ios security flaw


There are lots of things that make iPhone so popular among the masses. Apart from the high-end features the iPhone offers, and the software it is backed by is another impressive thing about the smart phone. Apple’s iOS software is considered to be highly advanced and secure when it comes to protection against hacking, viruses, and other such threats. This is the reason why most of the businessmen use iPhone for communication on the go. However, things do not remain the same always. As per the researchers from a cyber security company based in California, FireEye, have found out a loophole in the security offered by iOS software. The loophole is definitely a kind of vulnerability for Apple and its smart phone users.     

The researchers have termed the security flaw as “Masque Attack”, and according to them, this flaw can let the hackers to replace the original apps on the hacked iPhone or iPad with an identical app, having exactly the same looks. So, when the user of the hacked device enters any information or data into the app, it can be easily obtained by the hacker. Let us give you an example: An iPhone or iPad app that looks exactly like a banking app that the device user uses on regular basis. When that device is hacked, the real banking app is replaced by an app through installation. When the same user enters the login details (username and password) in that malicious app, the data get stolen eventually. So, when it happens, the user does not get any clue what is happening in the background of the software.  

Two the researchers from FireEye, Yulong Zhang and Tao Wei jotted down in a blog post on Monday that the Masque Attacks can replace the original apps with hacker’s malware via the internet. Email apps and banking apps are the prime target. They also mentioned that through this attack, hackers can easily steal the banking credentials of the user by swapping the real banking app with the malware one, having the same User Interface. In fact, the malware app can also get acess to the local data of the authentic app, as the data was not removed when the real banking app was replaced. Quite certainly, the local data may contain confidential information like login details, cached emails, etc. which the fake app can utilize in order to log into the online banking account of the user directly. So, once the hacker gets access to the online banking details or email account of the user, it can prove to be quite perilous.   

This piece of news has been released just few days after Apple got rid of a latest issue that left its OS X-powered and iOS devices vulnerable to an attack from WireLurker, a malware. In this regard, researchers from FireEye say that the new security threat affects each and every version of iOS, i.e. from iOS 7.1.1 to the newest software iOS 8.1; in fact, even the iOS 8.1.1 beta version, which is at present being tested by Apple’s developers.      

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