banking trojans


Trojan (Trojan horse) is a special type of malware that steals data and information valuable to an organization or an individual. Anyone who is connected with the world of internet must be familiar about Trojan and its activities. Recently, many well-established facts point at increased growth of mobile malware. The growth cited by the resources show an exponential curve, which is deeply concerning to the users.


To add to the misery, there are enough evidence that these special type of malware are used to increase attack on mobile banking. According to Cell phone jammers information, even Kaspersky Labs latest report vouches for these facts. Mobile malware is a special type of Trojan that steals bank card details and transfers money illegally from bank accounts to the hackers account. What's more concerning is the fact that bank information theft has increased 20 times in the past year or so.


During a bank transaction, a lot of valuable and sensitive information is transferred between the bank server and the user such as bank account number, log-in credentials and passwords. All these valuable information can be easily grabbed by a Banking Trojans, which then further be analyzed to breach bank account.


Examples that illustrate the working patterns of Banking and Mobile Trojans

1. A popular banking Android app iBanking steals sensitive banking information on mobile devices. The discovery of the application is done by RSA researchers who further verified the claim by going through the source code of the application. The iBanking Android app is currently available for $5000. Furthermore, the application can be used in conjunction with PC malware to overthrow the system security parameters. It also renders the banking security to zero.


2. Another amazing example of Trojan horse infecting the machines is compromised videos on YouTube's ad network. This stunning discovery was done by Bromium Lab researchers. The infected videos are the home of Styx exploit kit. The kit holds the key, Caphaw, a banking Trojan.


Another most popular Trojan that has infected the internet and are not going anywhere are Carberp, SpyEye, Citadel and the mighty Zeus. The four mighty Trojans are so good at stealing information that they can go un-noticed for most of us.Mobile banking is the soft spot for hackers to exploit. According to the researchers, attacking mobile banking is easier compared to other forms of Trojans. This is the reason, why mobile banking Trojans are flourishing lately. The following chart shows the tell-tale. 

malware statistic

Statistics as shown by the Kaspersky Labs makes Russia (40%), hacker's number one playing ground, followed by India (8%), Vietnam (4%), Ukraine (4%) and the UK (3%). The numbers can change drastically in the future as the hackers are starting to target countries that are not aware of Trojan attacks. 



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