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Windows 10 security


Microsoft has been on top of their game with the release of Windows XP ages ago, but do they stand in both features and security of their latest offering, Windows 10. Let's find out what they have to offer in terms of security as their previous offering did not create an ecosystem that can keep their users safe. The essence of learning the user experience comes from the release of Holograms that is with no doubt is the greatest leap by Microsoft in their windows release.

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android holeloops


Surveillance Agencies have so much in common with Google, now-a-days. A little cynical thought, but Google is proving themselves as one of the companies that do not care much about their user's security.

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banking trojans


Trojan (Trojan horse) is a special type of malware that steals data and information valuable to an organization or an individual. Anyone who is connected with the world of internet must be familiar about Trojan and its activities. Recently, many well-established facts point at increased growth of mobile malware. The growth cited by the resources show an exponential curve, which is deeply concerning to the users.

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ios security flaw


There are lots of things that make iPhone so popular among the masses. Apart from the high-end features the iPhone offers, and the software it is backed by is another impressive thing about the smart phone. Apple’s iOS software is considered to be highly advanced and secure when it comes to protection against hacking, viruses, and other such threats. This is the reason why most of the businessmen use iPhone for communication on the go. However, things do not remain the same always. As per the researchers from a cyber security company based in California, FireEye, have found out a loophole in the security offered by iOS software. The loophole is definitely a kind of vulnerability for Apple and its smart phone users.   

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samsung 60 GHz WiFi


Samsung, as a brand is a well-known and a very eminent name in the world of electronics. From the ‘Galaxy Series’ to the ‘Note’; Samsung now has poised itself to be a tough competitor to its rival – Apple. With that being said, Samsung still has its own flaws to work on. The South Korean brand Samsung has been blamed for ‘Slow Wi-Fi Connectivity’ – but wait, all hope isn’t lost. Grape wine has it, Samsung now brings to the world the new 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology – overcoming the blame and hurdles, one at a time.

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sms security measures


In the current age of hyper connectivity, constant problems of data breaches, hacking scandals and also privacy hampering crop up. All of us are extremely concerned about our privacy. In fact, nowadays, data protection has turned out to be a paradox. Even though we know the importance of data protection, yet, we are pretty much accustomed to our mobiles and tablets for every facet of our day to day life. Many of the new age customers are not willing to give up this reliance for protecting their personal information. Due to this reason, mobile platforms and the various apps that we use are supposed to be secure and are expected to have a robust data protection.

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GCHQ spy centre

Remember those spy flicks you might have come across, featuring some really silly inside jokes on Spy names? Well, it turns out that they might be quite close to what the real spies from some of the world’s most famous spying agencies have been doing.

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NSA Spies The German Chaos Computer

Jul 24, 2014 3:01:50 AM

NSA spy


The German Chaos Computer club had informed in an interview, that they have now added the fact about U.S spying on the German citizens, to their legal complaint. They have ample evidence, as the NSA had been allegedly found snooping in atleast one of the Tor servers of the computer club.

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Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Jun 27, 2014 5:28:46 AM


Online shopping is a flexible method of shopping, which is now an intrinsic part of our lives. In fact, with various online stores you can now easily pick your favorite stuff simply with a few clicks. To add to the brownie points, these stores also offer you some prolific discounts superb deals. So, these shopping options are both flexible and affordable simultaneously.  

However, have you ever wondered about the various impending risks associated with online shopping? Well, online shopping does have innumerable hazards associated with it. These hazards multiply during the festivals, thereby making online shopping tad more risky. 

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wi-fi 5


It was one of the greatest innovative breakthroughs when technicians developed 802.11a and 802.11b versions for Wi-Fi mechanism. Both the platforms displayed an authentic connectivity approach with a considerable difference in their pricing. The digital devices equipped with 802.11b were comparatively cheaper and easily available than the products incorporated 802.11a. 802.11b makes use of 2.4 GHz spectrum, on the contrary off late it is becoming heavily congested with the digital noise which arrives along with its usage.

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