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What things affect blocking area

No matter what type of cell phone jammer you use, be it portable or desktop model, it has its own jamming range. Jamming range is the area covered by the blocking signal of cell phone jammer. Every signal blocker has min, max and average blocking radius.


The signal wave goes through air


Min jamming radius shows the smallest area in which jammer can block mobile phone signals, max – the biggest radius. You have probably already guessed about the average one.


The Jamming Power

The power of the signal jamming depends on many different factors which combine together and make this parameter constant more or less. Here they are:


  • The power of the cell phone jammer itself.

This means how strong its blocking signal and how it is amplified. Generally the bigger device is more powerful yet consumes more energy.


  • Territory type.

At open areas like streets or country side the blocking range would be bigger, and in dense urban areas, buildings and other places with many hedges interrupting free signal flow it would be smaller.


  • The type of jammed mobile device.

Cell phones and smartphones are divided by the generations (first, second and so on). The old ones are easier to jam, so their signals can be blocked at the broader area. The new devices and mobile standards are better protected against jamming thus they are harder to block and can be jammed at the smaller radius.


And One More Thing

Despite the fact that it is impossible to get both of huge jamming radius and extreme portability of the device, every one among them have their own advantages. You can choose to have a tiny jammer which is easy to hide or a bulk and very powerful blocking giant.


Still as a compromise there are military jammers which combine compact design and strong jamming ability at the highest level possible.