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  1. cell phone zapper Caiman

    Caiman - The Most Powerful Portable Cell Phone, GPS, WiFi Jammer

    The one of the most powerful jammers of the world. Caiman can block GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, GPS freaquncis up to a radius of 25 meters.

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Cell Phone Jammers

Modern world has a plenty of different devices, generally electronic, which are helping people in their everyday life and making this life easier, more interesting and comfortable. And anyone would be right to say that communication devices are the most useful things in our life, which we have in abundance. But along with so many advantages those electronic devices can bring in our life, they also may be a threat to our peace of mind and our personal independence, privacy and intimate life.


So in parallel to communication devices and other electronic equipment people invented cell phone jamming devices and other types of electronic blocking equipment. Whether you are afraid of being spied by someone via different electronic spying devices like hidden cameras, audio recording devices and microphones, and other electronic devices which are used for spying and recording video and audio data including your personal information, actions and behavior, you can purchase and use different cell phone jammers and other kinds of jamming devices to completely jam and neglect any kind of video and audio recording devices and spying electronic things and other kinds of electronic surveillance.


Cell phone blockers and other electronic jamming devices are produced in many various configurations. They have different jamming purposes, work on various frequencies, but also there are multiple-frequency jammers and multiple-purpose cell phone jammers, and many more. All of them are invented to be able to fulfill any kind of your demands, requirements and preferences. So use cell phone jammers and GPS jamming devices and feel safe!